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Façade / Waterproofing / Remedial

Situated in the lively suburb of Ashfield,

the residential building on Bland St, constructed in 2009, encountered a myriad of challenges as it approached a decade of service. With a total of twenty-six lots, these challenges posed significant structural and aesthetic threats. The Owners Corporation recognised the severity and reached out to Total Building Engineering Solutions (TBES) for an in-depth inspection and actionable recommendations.



Residents were burdened with multiple issues, especially regarding water ingress. Leaks were evident inside units beneath sliding doors and in the basement, suspected to be due to irregularities in terraces and planter beds. Externally, instances of leaching, render deterioration, concrete spalling, drummy/cracked render, and signs of failed waterproofing were all-too-visible on several balconies.



TBES initiated a thorough inspection regimen to understand the scope of the challenges. Every accessible balcony, common area, and external building facade underwent close scrutiny. Additionally, hammer tests on balcony surfaces, slab edges, and soffits pinpointed drummy areas, ensuring comprehensive identification of potential problem sites.



Upon wrapping up the inspections, TBES compiled a detailed condition report, which highlighted each defect and proposed suitable remedies. To ensure the execution aligned with the Owners Corporation’s budget, the entire remediation was strategically divided into three stages. A comprehensive technical repair specification was developed to serve as a guide during the rectification process.

Through a transparent tendering process, TBES secured competitive bids and spearheaded the drafting of the contract for the remediation tasks. Acknowledging the legislative requirements, a Regulated Design was expertly crafted in adherence to the Design and Building Practitioners Act regulations.

With the commencement of the rectification activities, TBES assumed the role of Project Superintendent, diligently overseeing every phase. From installing the waterproofing membrane to executing cavity flashing and other vital repair works, TBES ensured a seamless process and quality outcome, revitalising the living experience for the residents of Bland St.

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