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Nestled in the leafy landscapes of Northern Sydney, our project in Asquith encompassed a residential property home to over 50 apartments. Responding to the community's request, TBES was tasked to carry out a comprehensive inspection of all accessible apartments and deliver a 7-year major defects report.



With the intent of evaluating the property's condition and potential defects, our team dove headfirst into an exhaustive investigation of the building's many elements.

We systematically examined all accessible units, shared spaces, roof areas, and the property's basement. The challenge here was not only to identify any existent issues, but also to provide a detailed account referencing all relevant clauses and standards.



Adopting a meticulous approach, TBES set out to scrutinise every corner of the property. Our modus operandi was thorough - from inspecting individual apartments to delving into shared spaces, and from scanning the roof to probing the basement.

To make the process seamless for the residents, we incorporated a simple yet effective tool – a QR code. This allowed the residents to effortlessly book in their inspections, ensuring our assessments were as inclusive as possible.



Our diligence and commitment to detail led us to compile a comprehensive 7-year major defects report. This exhaustive document did not only detail the observed defects, but each issue was paired with references to relevant clauses and standards. This transparency empowered the community, granting them a complete understanding of their building's condition and the necessary steps needed to address these issues. With this exhaustive insight, the property is now equipped to tackle these challenges head-on and maintain its quality of life for its inhabitants.

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