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Remedial / Stormwater

Just a stone's throw from the tranquil waters of Bondi Beach, our subject property stands as

a symbol of 1950s architecture. Comprising 15 units and boasting an enviable location near a top tourist destination, the building became the subject of attention when occupants from top-level units reported water ingress during heavy rainfall.



Upon receiving reports of water intrusion, TBES was engaged to thoroughly investigate and diagnose the problem. A comprehensive drone survey was conducted to assess the condition of the roof tiles, flashings, eaves gutters, and other components. The survey, along with a meticulous exterior inspection of the building, highlighted a series of defects. Moreover, some sections of the roof were found to be without sarking, and where it existed, it was observed to be in a state of decay.



In a mission that would make anyone squeamish of tight, dark spaces wince, our fearless engineers, living up to the TBES ethos of "a job half-done is a job not done at all," bravely ventured into the dark, cobweb-infested roof spaces. Their goal? To unveil the full extent of the issues at hand. Following this heroic endeavour, the team understanding the importance of not just identifying, but also effectively addressing the issue, we took a two-fold approach. First, we recommended a complete replacement of the deteriorated sarking across the roof. Second, with the goal of empowering the Owner's Committee to make an informed decision, we provided a number of repair options, complete with a summary of their advantages and disadvantages.


Our recommendations to replace the roof's deteriorated sarking were accompanied by an array of repair options that allowed the Owner's Committee to consider a comprehensive strategy that best suited their circumstances. Each option included a detailed outline of its pros and cons, thus offering the Committee a clear, informed path forward. This ensured not only the immediate resolution of the water ingress issue but also a strategic plan for the building's ongoing maintenance.


In this way, the TBES team successfully blended expert attention to detail with a commitment to empowering our clients.

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