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Façade / Waterproofing / Remedial

Overlooking the iconic Bondi Beach, the residential complex at 212 Bondi Rd stands impressively with 10 levels, housing 133 units. Built in 1977, this structure not only offers an unparalleled view but also boasts of a rooftop pool. However, its prime location and amenities came with challenges when residents of the top-level units began reporting issues of water ingress.



Every waterproofing system, regardless of its robustness, has a defined lifespan. This can be further reduced due to a myriad of reasons - be it design flaws, detailing oversights, or external factors. The building's rooftop, which doubled as a terrace with a swimming pool, was originally equipped with a liquid-applied waterproofing membrane system. With time, and aggravated by factors like regular foot traffic, exposure to pool water chlorides, and just natural wear from ageing, the membrane's integrity began to falter. This resulted in compromised waterproofing, leading to leaks in several units below.



Given the pivotal nature of the problem, TBES promptly undertook a thorough assessment. The focus was not just on the failing membrane but a holistic view of the roof's construction details. The evaluation also revealed certain inefficiencies in the roof's insulation system.



Equipped with insights from the assessment, TBES drafted a solution.

A recommendation for a new, more resilient membrane system was made, supplemented by an improved pavement and insulation framework. This was not just a patchwork remedy but a robust overhaul, backed by a 30-year warranty from the manufacturer. TBES meticulously crafted a detailed Technical Specification, ensuring it adhered to the guidelines of the Regulated Design, ensuring a sustainable and long-term solution to the building's woes.

This project stands as a testament to TBES's commitment to not just identifying issues but providing holistic and enduring solutions, ensuring residents' peace of mind for decades to come.

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