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Ensuring the integrity and durability of a building is of paramount importance, and TBES is committed to assisting building owners navigate the intricate world of defects, warranties, and related legal proceedings.

Adhering to the stipulations of the Home Building Act 1989, our services pinpoint both minor and major defects. Beyond just identifying these issues, TBES steps in to facilitate crucial negotiations between owners and builders, aiming for a swift and satisfactory rectification of the identified defects.

It's pivotal for building owners to engage expert inspection services towards the culmination of a building's warranty period. This ensures that all defects, which fall under the warranty, are diligently documented and presented to the builder, ensuring rightful claims are made. Failing to do so can leave owners bearing hefty out-of-pocket expenses for rectifications post the warranty period.

Our thorough building inspections delve deep, identifying any and all warrantable defects, while also highlighting breaches in relevant standards, codes, or acts. We provide a comprehensive report that enlists each defect in detail, bolstered by photographic evidence. This format doesn't just ensure clarity but also empowers us during negotiations with builders. Furthermore, should matters escalate to legal proceedings, TBES’s litigation reports are court-ready. In such scenarios, we also extend our Expert Witness Services for court appearances, standing by our findings and advocating for the best outcomes for our clients.


Each project varies in scope and size and thus requires individual attention.

The TBE Solutions Team take pride in providing extensive services, and the contributions we have made to the building and engineering sector over the last 15 years.

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