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Façade / Waterproofing / Remedial

Situated on the scenic northern shore, our project at Crows Nest encompassed a residential property home to over 70 apartments. Occupants had reported water ingress issues through various elements of their homes, including window and door frames, as well as balcony hobs. Many units with balconies or terraces situated directly above living areas also experienced leaks. Even the uppermost units were not spared, with several reporting leaks from the roof.



Upon receipt of these complaints, TBES initiated a meticulous investigation into the heart of the building's issues. Intrusive investigations into the balcony hobs revealed defective waterproofing at the second stage, resulting in water creeping into the interior areas. Water and dye testing were carried out on numerous balconies and terraces, the results further highlighting the extent of the problem. The team also made openings to better understand the cavity construction details, a critical step towards proposing a tailored solution.



Our team of engineers donned their detective hats, carrying out a series of inspections, and intrusive investigations to identify the exact nature and extent of the issues. Not a group to be deterred by tricky balconies or leaky window frames, we put our water and dye testing skills to use, scrutinising numerous terraces to identify the water infiltration points. In addition, we dissected the building's anatomy, making several openings to thoroughly understand the cavity construction details, and use this insight to propose the most effective solutions.



Taking into account the test results and our meticulous investigations, we recommended a comprehensive repair plan tailored to address each reported issue. In all affected areas, window repairs and cavity flashing restoration were deemed necessary. We proposed the application of a suitable membrane system for re-waterproofing the terraces in accordance with AS4654.2 standards. The same approach was suggested for addressing the roof-related leaks. With this multi-pronged solution, we aimed to give the residents of this property in Crows Nest a drier, more comfortable living experience.

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