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At TBES, our skilled Structural Engineers have garnered extensive experience in conducting Dilapidation Surveys for iconic development projects. We've collaborated with industry giants such as Meriton, Bilbergia, ICON, Richard Crooks, Lendlease, and numerous other esteemed builders. Furthermore, we've extended our expertise to assist owners of Class 2 Buildings, ensuring a meticulous documentation of their assets when major developments are taking place in close proximity.

What sets our reports apart:

  • Photo-Location Plan: Every report comes with a reference photo-location plan, leaving no ambiguity about the location of each captured image.

  • Detailed Defects Table: Our table explicitly describes each defect, incorporating precise measurements and categorising them for clarity.

  • Enhanced Imagery: Our reports are enriched with large-sized photographs, ensuring that every detail is discernible.

  • Post-Construction Insights: Our Post-Construction reports are exhaustive, detailing any new defects and damages that may have arisen. Plus, for such defects, we carry out an initial analysis to ascertain if they were induced by construction activities.

Frequently mandated by the Council, Dilapidation Surveys demand the expertise of qualified Structural Engineers. Our surveys typically align with the critical stages of a project:

  • Pre-Construction.

  • Pre-Excavation.

  • Post-Excavation (Comparative Report).

  • Post-Construction (Comparative Report).

Designed to withstand scrutiny, our Dilapidation Surveys serve as robust evidence in court. Whether you're safeguarding against unwarranted claims or seeking to prove the occurrence of damage, TBES ensures your interests remain front and centere.


Each project varies in scope and size and thus requires individual attention.

The TBE Solutions Team take pride in providing extensive services, and the contributions we have made to the building and engineering sector over the last 15 years.

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