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Understanding and respecting the historical significance and architectural nuances of heritage structures is at the core of TBES's heritage remediation and preservation services. Our meticulous approach goes beyond mere restoration—it's about reviving the essence of the past while ensuring these structures stand tall for the future.

Here's why TBES is a trusted name in heritage remediation:

  • Rich Knowledge Base:  Our profound understanding of Australian heritage construction practices and materials is rooted in our extensive local engineering experience. This foundation enables us to adeptly restore, maintain, and remediate heritage structures, some of which date back to as early as 1832.

  • Material Mastery: In the realm of heritage engineering, the material is as significant as the method. Our deep comprehension of the chemical and physical attributes of materials historically used ensures that every restoration preserves the original essence. We know that the longevity and aesthetics of these structures hinge on these materials, and we make it our priority to honour that.

  • Avoiding Modern Pitfalls: The modern world offers a plethora of construction technologies and materials. However, the indiscriminate use of these on heritage structures can lead to irreversible damage. We've seen firsthand the aftermath of inappropriate restoration techniques, which sometimes reduce these historic marvels to mere shadows of their former selves. With TBES, such oversight is never a concern.

  • Collaborative Approach: Heritage structures are not just buildings; they're narratives of our history, demanding a collaborative approach for their preservation. We engage with heritage architects, material suppliers, councils, and other pertinent authorities. This collaboration ensures that every decision made, every material chosen, and every technique employed pays homage to the structure's storied past while ensuring its resilient future.

By entrusting your heritage property with TBES, you're choosing a partner that respects history as much as you do—a partner that will preserve the past and ensure its sustainable future.


Each project varies in scope and size and thus requires individual attention.

The TBE Solutions Team take pride in providing extensive services, and the contributions we have made to the building and engineering sector over the last 15 years.

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