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Façade / Waterproofing / Remedial

Nestled within the elite precinct of Kirribilli Avenue, Kirribilli, this opulent unit block commands unparalleled views of Sydney's iconic landmarks: the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Not just a residence, but an experience, the property, constructed in 1995, offers its occupants a front-row seat to the world-renowned New Year's fireworks, epitomising luxury and location.



Despite its architectural allure and grandeur, the building wasn't immune to the trials of time. Residents began reporting persistent issues of water penetration, affecting their quality of life. The structure's unique design, featuring prominent terraces directly above the living spaces of the units below, meant that waterproofing's efficacy was paramount. This concern was further compounded with reported leaks in several areas, attributed to defects in the facade, planter beds, and an inefficient stormwater drainage system.



Upon receiving the directive, Total Building Engineering Solutions (TBES) sprang into action, initiating a comprehensive evaluation of the premises. Our team was tasked with inspecting:

  • All accessible units and common areas for signs of water penetration.

  • Every balcony for visible structural and cosmetic defects.

  • The external facade, associated areas, and the stormwater drainage system for any anomalies. This visual assessment corroborated the residents' concerns, unveiling systematic defects predominantly in the balconies. The water penetrations, especially in the upper-level units, emerged as the prime concern.


Driven by our findings, TBES set about formulating a multi-pronged rectification strategy:

Façade Brickworks: Our inspection divulged that the brickworks of the façade, especially the flashings, had considerable defects. The remediation plan, thus, revolved around essential long-term repairs.

Terrace and Façade Issues: Several units grappled with water penetration woes due to compromised waterproofing and flawed flashings. To address this, TBES conceptualised two distinct rectification pathways. The long-term avenue emphasised complete re-waterproofing complemented by pertinent remedial interventions. Meanwhile, the interim course focused on offering momentary relief from water ingress.

Roofing Challenges: Certain sections of the building experienced leaks owing to their roofing makeup. The resolution hinged on a thorough roof replacement, accentuated by stormwater augmentation works.

Concrete Roof Sections: A careful examination of the flat concrete roof sections divulged deterioration in the membrane systems, necessitating immediate refurbishments.

Steered by the compiled data and subsequent analysis, TBES curated a remedial work specification and commenced regulated designs. Currently, our efforts are channelled towards the tender management process, ensuring we procure optimal quotes for the pivotal rectification works, reaffirming the legacy of the Kirribilli Avenue unit block.

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