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Remedial / Waterproofing / Façade  

In a building plagued by water penetration and facade defects, TBES leads the charge. Through meticulous investigations, we uncover root causes and craft a comprehensive plan for Remedial Waterproofing. Our aim: to eliminate water ingress and enhance building resilience for the long term.



A multitude of units in the building grapple with pronounced water penetration problems, manifesting systematically and leading to substantial internal damages, mold proliferation, and considerable inconvenience for the property owners. Simultaneously, TBES has unearthed numerous façade defects associated with masonry construction, intensifying the complexity of the existing challenges.



Collaborating seamlessly with a trusted contractor, TBES initiated a meticulous and all-encompassing approach to tackle the identified challenges. A series of detailed intrusive investigations were undertaken systematically, meticulously uncovering the root cause of each water penetration issue. These investigations provided invaluable insights into the specific challenges contributing to the pervasive water ingress, allowing for a nuanced understanding of the problems at hand. Simultaneously, the façade system underwent an exhaustive analysis, bringing to light a myriad of defects linked to masonry construction. Armed with this comprehensive understanding, TBES crafted an extensive scope for Remedial Waterproofing works. This strategic plan not only aimed to rectify the identified issues but also sought to introduce a more durable and robust waterproofing system. By addressing the root causes and implementing long-term solutions, TBES aimed to ensure the effective elimination of water ingress, fostering enhanced building resilience and durability for the long term.

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