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Façade / Remedial / ACP

Set on the lively Allen Street in Pyrmont, this contemporary structure stands tall with 9 levels, housing 40 lots. Constructed in 2001, the building exudes a certain modern charm, but like many edifices of its time, it used materials that have since come under scrutiny.



An alarming issue arose when it was discovered that the upper levels of the facade incorporated Aluminium Composite (ACP) Panels. These panels have gained notoriety in recent years due to their high flammability. Once ignited, ACP panels facilitate the rapid spread of fire along a facade, posing a grave risk to occupants and surrounding properties. With their use now banned in NSW, many buildings, including this one in Pyrmont, have been directed by councils to replace these hazardous materials with safer alternatives.



Enter TBES, equipped with a proven track record in handling challenges posed by ACP panels. Our first step involved extensive consultations with the building's stakeholders. Recognising the opportunity the remediation provided, we explored additional enhancements that could be incorporated during the facade update. To gain a thorough understanding, we meticulously sifted through historical project documents and undertook intrusive investigations, diving deep into the building's frame construction details. This would lay the foundation for a holistic, effective design for the new facade system.

Using our findings, our engineers embarked on a mission. Through rigorous wind design calculations, structural assessments, and the exploration of weatherproofing measures, a comprehensive solution began to take shape.


The proposed facade system aims not just to replace the ACP panels, but to elevate the building's aesthetic and functional appeal. By integrating solid aluminium panels and an innovative rain screen facade system, we crafted a design that promises safety, durability, and modern elegance. As we move forward, TBES continues to play a pivotal role in the project, spearheading Tender Management, Contract Preparation, and the meticulous preparation of D&BP Regulated Design. Our commitment? A revamped building that stands as a testament to safety and innovation, a beacon in the heart of Pyrmont.

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