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Façade / Remedial 

In the CBD, a towering structure faces persistent water infiltration, despite past repair attempts. Through meticulous diagnostics and testing, we've identified leaks and formulated a strategy for rectification. Let's confront this ongoing challenge in the heart of Sydney.

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Perched in the lively CBD, this towering structure contends with a significant challenge—persistent water infiltration whenever the skies open up. The primary culprit? A funnel-shaped facet of the building that consistently allows water to seep in at its lower portion. Reflecting on our project history reveals a recurrent struggle, marked by multiple unsuccessful attempts to remedy this issue. The building, nestled in the heart of activity, remains vulnerable to the unrelenting intrusion of rainwater, despite past endeavours of other contractors to undertake local repairs.


We proceeded with detailed diagnostics through a careful water test, starting from the bottom and moving up to observe how, when, and where leaks would appear. It took less than four minutes for the first leak to appear. Following that, we exposed the facade elements, stripped external cover plates, unblocked previously clogged drainage points, and conducted our intrusive investigation with data collection. The final phase involved a localized water test to observe how the exposed facade would drain. The testing data gathered on-site provides valuable insight into the issue and allows us to assess the system and come up with a rectification strategy.


To get to the bottom of things, we conducted a thorough water test on the facade, starting from the bottom and moving upward to track where and how leaks occur. In a surprising twist, the first leak appeared within just four minutes. Following that, we uncovered the facade, addressed blocked drainage points, and conducted a detailed investigation to gather crucial data. The last step involved testing how the exposed facade drains. The on-site testing data we gathered provides valuable insights, helping us grasp the issue and formulate a strategy for fixing it.

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