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Navigating the competitive landscape of project tendering requires astuteness, attention to detail, and a fair and transparent approach. At TBES, we've perfected the art of Tender Management, making certain that every project garners a competitive market price. All our tendering processes align seamlessly with the AS4120 Code of Tendering, ensuring standardisation and adherence to best practices.

Here's a glimpse into our meticulous Tender Management process:

  • In-Depth Site Revisits: Before floating a tender, we revisit the site, ensuring that every nook, corner, and problematic area is thoroughly measured.

  • Detailed Schedule of Rates: Our scope of work is meticulously broken down, resulting in a comprehensive Schedule of Rates. This schedule dovetails perfectly with our Technical Repair Specification, guaranteeing that all potential contractors are quoting for identical work items and quantities. This uniformity fosters a fair competition and an apples-to-apples comparison during bid evaluations.

  • Builder Selection: We maintain close ties with a coterie of trusted builders in Sydney. The tenders are floated to those most suited based on the project's size, intricacies, and unique requirements. Our primary aim? Engage builders known for impeccable workmanship, ensuring they work hand-in-glove with our stipulated specifications. And when clients have builder recommendations? We rigorously vet their backgrounds, ensuring they have a commendable track record in handling analogous projects.

  • Tender Meetings: A significant part of our process is the Tender Meeting. Accompanied by potential builders, we revisit the site, walking them through the areas of work, while also brainstorming over the project's inherent challenges. Constructive feedback from these builders occasionally results in tender document revisions, captured in our Tender Addendum process.

  • Tender Analysis: Once the tenders pour in, our work intensifies. Each submission undergoes a scrupulous review, followed by post-tender clarification discussions, if necessary. Our in-depth Tender Analysis Report, a culmination of this process, sheds light on our evaluations, ultimately spotlighting our recommended tenderer for the project.

With TBES at the helm of your Tender Management, rest assured your project is primed for success, right from the outset.


Each project varies in scope and size and thus requires individual attention.

The TBE Solutions Team take pride in providing extensive services, and the contributions we have made to the building and engineering sector over the last 15 years.

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