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Façade / Waterproofing / Remedial

Nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Ultimo, our subject property is a grand residential complex, encompassing 240 units distributed across three blocks of apartments. While the property is a testament to urban living at its best, a series of water ingress issues reported by multiple residents sparked the need for expert attention and intervention.



TBES was brought on board to investigate reports of water seeping through window frames and balcony hobs, as well as leaks in some top-level units. After performing extensive checks on multiple units and all common roof areas - supplemented by a detailed drone survey of the façade - we were able to identify a pattern of leaks. Defects with the window sub-sills and cavity flashing became evident after an opening was made adjacent to the window frame. Further rooftop inspections revealed a deteriorated waterproofing membrane system, as well as severely corroded service ducts, likely contributing to leaks into the areas below.



Given the nature and scale of the identified issues, TBES proposed a comprehensive strategy that combined targeted repairs with preventive maintenance to rectify the problem. We prepared a detailed plan recommending both immediate and long-term solutions to ensure the residents' comfort and safety, as well as the building's structural integrity.



Our proposed solution entailed repairing windows and restoring cavity flashing in all affected areas. The previously defective sub-sills would be replaced, and stop-ends provided, to ensure the weatherproofing integrity of the windows. Additionally, the roof areas would be re-waterproofed using a suitable membrane system in accordance with AS4654.2, ensuring a robust defense against further water penetration.


The aim was not only to solve the immediate issues but also to prevent recurrence, thus securing a more comfortable living experience for the residents.

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