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Façade / Waterproofing / Remedial

Meet our subject property: A four-storey residential building, majestically housing eleven apartments over a ground-level garage car park. With an estimated age of over 45 years, the building stands as a testament to the architectural norms of the 1970s, with its sturdy reinforced concrete slabs, double brick masonry walls, and a concrete roof. Although built to last, the harsh saline environment and the passage of time have not been kind. At the time of inspection, the overall condition of this aging edifice was found to be below par for its age, underscoring the urgent need for remedial intervention.



TBE Solutions was brought in to assess a concerning situation at a residential property located in an extreme saline environment, mere steps away from the ocean. Our initial task was to inspect the condition of the top floor balcony awnings, which had visibly deflected and showed signs of severe cracking. The signs were clear - calcification/efflorescence was leaching from the screeding material, indicating a failing waterproofing system. However, upon further inspection, the complications extended beyond the awnings. Multiple defects including concrete spalling, brick erosion, insufficient waterproofing, and potential structural failures presented a significant challenge. The property was not merely weathered; it was in critical need of professional intervention


Understanding the gravity of the situation, we recommended a detailed inspection of all units and balconies, resulting in a comprehensive condition report. This report served as an invaluable tool for all owners, including those who were investors and not living on the property, as they navigated the decision-making process for repairs. Recognising the need for a meticulous and detailed plan, TBE Solutions then developed an extensive scope of work, detailing procedures, materials to be used, and compliance codes. Our commitment didn't stop there; we initiated a competitive tender process inviting three remedial builders to offer their pricing for the job.


Once the owners had raised the necessary funds for the work, we were thrilled to serve as Project Superintendents overseeing the project from start to finish. This project's extensive remedial rectification works included the removal of awnings and façade planter beds, waterproofing and re-tiling of all balconies, concrete repairs, crack stitching, replacement of windows and balcony doors, façade rendering and membrane coating, drainage installation, and even landscaping. The culmination of these efforts resulted in a transformed property, with a refreshed look resembling a brand-new development. The transformation wasn't just cosmetic; it resulted in a significant return on investment for the owners, with many reporting successful property sales post-renovation.


At TBE Solutions, we believe in turning challenges into opportunities, and this project serves as a testament to that philosophy.

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